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beaubean said: 5:Talk about the best birthday you've had.

huh. i enjoy all of my birthdays really, but oddly enough none of them really stand out?

i guess when i turned 18, my aunt bought me a suitcase and my mom baked me a cake in the shape of a castle and put a tiny toothpick union jack flag on it, in anticipation of me moving to england later that summer. i was really happy and my hair was really long. i guess the one thing i kind of hate about my birthday is that it’s in late may, well after the uni-year finishes, and my friends are never really around to celebrate it. but i absolutely adore spending time with my siblings, so it’s all good.

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you ain’t really fuck with me way back then girl how bout now? 

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hips don’t lie by oxford university’s all male choir



I have been waiting my whole life for this. I didn’t know this was something I needed, but not I can’t deny

Aaand it is on tumblr

everything about this is perfect

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Rosamund Pike | Toronto International Film Festival Portraits

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More “what do you think this guy does for a living?” featuring NHL players. Check out @ bardown on Twitter for more.

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